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 My name is Leanne Monroe and I would like to give everyone a little background on Electrology and hopefully answer any questions you may have about the procedure.  

*Excited to share after so many years of doing this that Kaiser Permanente Gender Clinic Now covers Electrology for transgender individuals depending on ones plan. I have worked closely with and receive referrals from a large network of Endocrinologists, Dermatologists, medical esthetics clinics, sex therapists  and many well known gender reassignment surgeons who are also Kaiser approved, Gender Alliance of the South Sound (rainbow center), ALL cascade eye and skin clinics, Eterna vascular and medical esthetics, Ideal image laser, and more throughout the Puget Sound to provide the best care possible.


I want to stress the importance of choosing a safe and qualified Electrologist and what to expect and look for in the state of Washington in order to protect yourself from the dangers of not only scarring but the risk of contracting one of the many infectious diseases that can be spread due to lack of education and sterilization.     

Unfortunately Washington state is very different than most states throughout the U.S.  Washington has no licensing for Electrology despite what many may claim. This means any individual or even medical spa can purchase a machine which may or may not actually provide the modality of Electrology and claim to offer “certified Electrology“ without any knowledge of Electrology, proper insertions, correct modalities, any formal education, medical background or knowledge of proper sterilization procedures required in all other medical settings in this state. This is very concerning  since it’s a field of work that comes into direct contact with Blood Borne Pathogens. 

The American Electrology Association is working right now to help Washington make the much needed changes in this state to protect the public. 

Please do your homework when choosing a provider. There are specific questions to ask about where they recieved their training and how to verify their responses and to determine whether they are actually using Electrology and not equipment that only provides flash thermolysis Which according to the AEA is ineffective and causes long term damage to the epidermis.  If your looking for an electrologist in other areas of the state I can guide you in what those pertinent questions are and proper site to search so that you know you’ll be in trusted hands.

I attended fully accredited school for Electrology in Oregon which is one of the many states requiring board certification in order to practice Electrology. They have very strict regulations on licensing and state health inspections and I continue to follow those guidelines here in Washington.  


To learn more about Electrology itself and the procedures used in my office please click on About Electrology.



Warning Signs of Improper Treatment


In order to permanently remove the hair, all of the cells in the lower two thirds of the follicle and the root (papilla) need to be destroyed. By confining current application to this area of the follicle the electrologist provides effective treatment while protecting the surface tissue.  If the insertions are done improperly you will have bruising or small drops of blood will appear.  Also if the setting are set improperly you will have small scabs that will appear and over time will result in scarring of the surface tissue or Epidermis. Electrology involves labor intensive, intricate, precision procedures, requires professional judgment, and must be performed in a sanitary environment by a skilled and licensed (again NO licensing in this state available) practitioner for optimal results.  

Be aware that there are many that say they use Electrology or the Blend but they are actually using Thermolysis only and unfortunately most aren't aware of the difference due to the lack of any accredited/certified schools in WA.   

Areas to be treated


Electrology can be performed on almost any area of the body and face with exception of inside the nose or deep in the ear canal.  There are no restrictions on type or color of hair, Electrology can treat any color hair from fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) to dark or grey coarse hair. Electrology can be used in conjuction with laser  if performed properly. 

Topical and Injectable Nerve blocking options


Thanks to my fantastic network of specialists there are options to have nerve blocking injectable anesthetic to sensitive areas that require longer treatment. I am also working on acquiring a stronger compounded topical anesthetic for use prior to treatment. 


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