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Leanne Monroe - Owner/Electrologist/Nutraceutical Consultant
Leanne Monroe, Electrologist
Karen Hurst, Electrologist
                  Welcome to Monroe-Puyallup Electrology


    My name is Leanne Monroe and I would like to give everyone a little background on Electrology and hopefully answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Now in network and accepting insurance with Kaiser Permanente Gender Clinic

    First of all I want to stress the importance of choosing a safe and qualified Electrologist and what to expect and look for in the state of Washington in order to protect yourself from the dangers of not only scarring but the risk of contracting one of the many infectious diseases that can be spread due to lack of education and sterilization.  Unfortunately Washington state is very different than most states throughout the U.S.  Washington has no licensing for Electrology so this means any individual can purchase a machine and open up a business of their own without any knowledge of Electrology, any formal education, medical background or knowledge of proper sterilization procedures required in all other medical settings in this state. It is the same with tattoo artists in this state, which is very serious since both of these fields come into direct contact with Blood Borne Pathogens.

    I attended fully accredited school for Electrology in Oregon which was the closest state with a board certified school. They have very strict regulations on licensing and state health inspections and I continue to follow those guidelines here in Washington.  
To learn more about Electrology itself and the procedures used in my office please click on Electrology at the top of the screen.  

    I am also certified in anti-aging health and nutrition. 
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